Personal Development Series

These Personal Development courses teach you skills that are equally useful in your personal life as they are in the workplace. They are designed to help you improve as a person.


As with all of the courses that we develop, provide and support, these have been created to be engaging, enjoyable and effective, ensuring that you retain your newly found skills as quickly as possible. Using a combination of video, text, audio, interactivity and knowledge checks, our courses are one of the most effective methods to learn a new skill.

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  • Body Language Suite

    Most people, at some time or another, experience the feeling that another person is giving out ‘vibes’. This feeling often leads them to believe that the other person is feeling or thinking in a particular way, regardless of what he or she is actually saying. Some people are also given to feelings of ‘intuition’ when they first meet someone. For reasons they do not understand, they are able to make almost immediate judgments about likeability, attitude or honesty.


    The vibes projected by other people, and the intuition possessed by the individual, are almost always a result of the body language exhibited by the former, and unconsciously interpreted by the latter.


    12 months unlimited access to all 4 courses in the Body Language Suite, for one person, is just £100.00 inc VAT (€125.00)


    This suite of 4 courses will enable you to:

    • Interpret body language.

    • Learn how to change your approach to situations according to how the other person is feeling.

    • Control your own body language to avoid revealing your own feelings or attitudes.

    • Improve your performance in meetings or interviews.

    • Improve your communication skills and avoid giving off negative signals when communicating with others.

    • Move conversations, meetings or sales pitches in the direction you want.

    The skills you will learn will help you deal with colleagues, customers, clients, friends, family, children - the list is endless.


    Click on the links below to read specific information on each of the 4 courses included within our Body Language Suite.


    A Background to Body Language

    Silent Speech - Understanding Body Language

    Using Body Language in the Workplace

    Silent Selling - Using Body Language in Sales

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